Best Semi-Auto Shotgun for the Money in 2022

Given that you’ve been involved with any firearms in your life, then you have probably fired with a shotgun. In fact, it is the first weapon that many of us had the chance to shoot with. In this article, we are going to showcase the best semi-auto shotgun for the money.

This type of shotgun outperforms others because they can fire quicker and they rely on a recoil-reducing system. Moreover, their construction reduces the chances of malfunctions.

Any time you use the word “best”, someone somewhere is going to disagree. That’s why our lists consist only of tested options, recommended by users. If you see a gun listed that shouldn’t be here or you believe that we’ve omitted a model, please let us know.

Best Semi-Auto Shotgun for the Money Comparison Table

PhotoProductFeaturesEditor's RatingPrice
best semi-auto shotgun for the moneyMossberg Jerry Miculek Pro Series 930Overall consistent performance in all areas. No trigger drawbacks. Do-it-all shotgun at a reasonable price.5VIEW CURRENT PRICE
Panzer Arms AR 12 Gauge 2Panzer Arms AR 12 GaugeAR-15 controls. Wide-spread of shooting. Only 5 rounds capacity. Integrated recoil pad & attachment points for accessories.5VIEW CURRENT PRICE
Stoeger M3K 3-Gun Shotgun 2Stoeger M3K 3-Gun ShotgunExcellent for competition shooting - long & accurate. Full-length rib for fast targeting and adjustable stock.5VIEW CURRENT PRICE
Beretta TX4 Storm Semi-Auto Shotgun 2Beretta TX4 Storm Semi-Auto ShotgunComfortable to shoot, but the trigger is mediocre. Lack of magazine extensions. 4VIEW CURRENT PRICE
Browning A5 StalkerBrowning A5 StalkerA5’s kinematic action offers zero resistance. Functional & lightweight design - only 7 lbs. 4VIEW CURRENT PRICE
Remington Versa Max TacticalRemington Versa Max TacticalForward barrel clamp side rails. Extended magazine with a Picatinny rail.5VIEW CURRENT PRICE

Best Semi-Auto Shotgun for the Money Reviews

#1: Mossberg Jerry Miculek Pro Series 930

best semi-auto shotgun for the money


Probably, one of the most recognizable brands for shotguns is Mossberg. Their flagship model – Mossberg Jerry Miculek Pro Series 930, is overall the best semi-auto shotgun for the money.

The construction is solid and it features a 22-inches long barrel. A good length, because it is accurate enough for hunting, self-defense situations in tight situations and even shooting competitions.

Reloading a shotgun takes time, especially if you’re inexperienced. The Mossberg offers a beveled loading gate, which allows for quick reloading. Moreover, this model has a tube magazine that holds 9 rounds.

To stabilize the gun and to make it more comfortable for shooting, the forend is purposely shortened. The sights are built for speed lock on targets as the gun features a fiber optic front sight. It focuses more on quick targeting than accuracy but that can be changed.

Last but not least is the trigger. It has a short pull and a quick reset, the result is fast shooting. While some prefer a pistol grip, this model comes with a standard rifle grip.

Overall, this model is one of the handiest on the market and it can be found at a very reasonable price. Yes, it is not best in any aspect, but it is good at every!

  • Fast reloads thanks to the beveled loading gate
  • Flawless trigger
  • Comfortable barrel length
  • 9-round magazine
  • Fiber optic front sight
  • Sights not accurate enough


#2: Panzer Arms AR 12 Gauge

Panzer Arms AR 12 Gauge


The Panzer Arms AR 12 gauge offers an efficient design that is built on the AR-15 form factor. It uses the same platform and controls as an AR-15. This means you would be able to operate with this gun faster if you are familiar with it.

In terms of size, the barrel is 18.5 inches long, which is suitable for tactical shooting and home defense situations. The stock is minimal and lightweight with an integrated recoil pad.

This shotgun has a standard A2 pistol grip with a nice texturing, but it isn’t as comfortable as we hoped. On the forend, you can add accessories to the ample rail space.

Moreover, it comes with flip-up sights, but an optic can be easily added. Also, the magazine holds only 5 rounds, which is something to keep in mind.

  • Proper barrel length
  • Lightweight construction
  • Space available for accessories
  • AR-15 platform
  • 5 round magazine capacity
  • Barrel not suitable for hunting


#3: Stoeger M3K 3-Gun Shotgun

Stoeger M3K 3-Gun Shotgun


The M3K is designed for fast shooting and reloading as a competition shotgun. With a barrel of 24-inches length, the gun offers excellent accuracy.

Unlike the Panzer Arms, the Stoeger has 10 rounds of 12 gauge ammunition, which means less reloading. However, the barrel and the magazine contribute to a gun length of 48-inches.

Moreover, the model offers a beveled loading port, a bolt release, and a safety switch, which adds for quick reloading. For improved accuracy, the manufacturer has added fiber optic front sight that helps a lot.

You can adjust the length of pull to fit your preferences thanks to the shims on the stock. It allows for a seamless reconfiguration of the shotgun.

Overall, the gun performs superbly in competitions, but in home defense situations, the size of the gun will be a problem.

  • Suitable barrel length for competitions
  • Adjustable length
  • 10-round magazine
  • Large size for home-defense


#4: Beretta TX4 Storm Semi-Auto Shotgun

Beretta TX4 Storm Semi-Auto Shotgun


The TX4 Storm is a model from Beretta’s defensive line of weapons. It is a gas-operated semi-automatic shotgun that features a lightweight design and a 12-gauge magazine.

The first thing to notice is the compact size of the gun, making it very maneuverable in tight spaces. The overall size of the gun is 39-inches, whereas only 18” is the barrel and 13-14” length of pull.

Secondly, you will notice the weight of the weapon – only 6.4 lb (2.9kg), which is very light. Another thing that deserves credits is the beautiful black finish.

The forend and the stock are made of black polymer. The grip surface has a rubber pattern that provides a solid grip. There’s also a cross-bolt safety, that can be easily turned on & off with the trigger finger.

Maybe the only downside we found with this shotgun is the trigger. It is not bad at all but doesn’t provide the same smoothness of other Beretta models. Plus, the reset of the trigger firm and feels very pleasant.

The magazine tube has a capacity of 5 rounds, but that largely depends on the size of the ammunition you use. On top of the barrel, there are 3-dot ghost rings from LPA that provide proper alignment at long ranges.

Given that you’re looking for an adequate home-defense shotgun, then the Beretta TX4 Storm deserves the attention.

#5: Browning A5 Stalker

Browning A5 Stalker


A semi-automatic shotgun for long-range – the Browning A5 Stalker. It features a 30-inch barrel, which controls the spread moderately, making it perfect for long-distance shooting.

When you add everything else, you get a 51.625-inches long shotgun. So, home defense is a huge no-no, as well as tactical shooting.

For better accuracy, there’s a fiber optic bead on the front sight and the aiming rib goes all the way to the back. Furthermore, the forend is designed to be very slim for easier targeting.

It has a slower rate of fire because it features a fast-cycling recoil operating system. A slight drawback is a 4-round magazine. Good for hunting, but other than that it’s a minus.

  • Long barrel for maximum range
  • Recoil operation
  • Quick targeting due to slim forend
  • Fiber optic bead for additional accuracy
  • A slower rate of fire
  • 4 round magazine


#6. Remington Versa Max Tactical

Remington Versa Max Tactical


Let’s say that you are ready to go over your budget for a shotgun that performs above the competition. Then, take a look at Remington’s Versa Max Tactical.

The model retains the reputation of the original but adds on certain enhancements such as the forward barrel clamp side rails, an extended magazine, and a Picatinny rail.

Remington’s team has provided shooters with an autoloading rifle that goes above the expectations as it can handle all tasks unquestionably.

The Versa Max offers an outstanding combination of classic design and functionality. At first, the gun catches the eye with its super bright fiber-optic front sight, sharp lines, and oversized safety button. Behind the stylish exterior lies an outstanding mechanism.

When you pick the gun, you will notice the ergonomic stock, which is very comfortable to hold. It features rubberised grips and a plush recoil pad that improve the comfort considerably.

What makes the difference is Remington’s Versasport gas system installed within the gun. It has a mechanism that adjusts the amount of gas required to ideally cycle the chambered round. The result is a quick autoloading system and greatly reduced recoil.

Another great advantage of this rifle is the trigger. You can hardly find a shotgun without an issue with it. Regardless of this, the manufacturer did an outstanding job, providing shooters with a short and crisp trigger experience.

Ever since its arrival on the market, this rifle has undergone a series of tests in different weather conditions. It withstood every single test perfectly.

It has the ability to cycle rounds of all sizes and densities without troubles. All in all, if the price is not an issue for you, Vice Versa Tactical is surely the best you can purchase for the money.

  • Different cheek height inserts included
  • Enlarged safety
  • Adjustable length of pull, cast & drop
  • Shell latch is stiff when it is new.


Over the years, the semi-automatic shotgun has improved significantly. Today’s shotguns hardly resemble their ancestors in terms of both function and form.

The demands for better functionalities and the new technologies have led to various breakthroughs. Given their popularity, it’s no surprise how many different models and brands exist.

That’s why it is of great importance to choose a semi-auto shotgun that suits your needs. Hopefully, our guide has given you an insight into the features offered by some of the most popular shotguns available.

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