Best 10mm Pistols in 2022 for Home Defense [Reviews & guide]

For most people, the ultimate weapon for self-protection is the handgun. Probably, the most popular caliber is the 9mm, but it isn’t the only worthy choice available on the market. In this review guide, I will be discussing the best 10mm pistols currently on the market.

In recent days, the 10mm is making a comeback by offering a multitude of quality attributes, making it even more popular than before. Developed in 1983 by mixed efforts of the FBI and Smith & Wesson, the 10mm caliber has become an important ammunition type.

The caliber offers a maximum pressure of 33,000 psi, which is some serious power. The ballistic tests with gel showed that the ammunition can travel up to 17 inches after impact, compared to the 13-inches of the 9mm.

This means that a single shot could basically penetrate two people at center mass and continue further. Back in the years, the popularity soared considerably, but recent advancements in metallurgy have changed things for good.

Best 10mm Pistols Comparison Table

PhotoProductFeaturesEditor's RatingPrice
best 10mm pistols - colt delta eliteColt Delta EliteComfortable ergonomics with quality iron sights. Easy customization 1911 design.4VIEW CURRENT PRICE
Glock 40 gen 4Glock G40 Generation 4High-magazine capacity & adaptable for sights & optics. Bullets reach high velocity thanks to the elongated barrel5VIEW CURRENT PRICE
dan wesson razorback 10mmDan Wesson RZ-10High-quality craftsmanship. Target rib between sights.5VIEW CURRENT PRICE
Sig Sauer P220 Elite 10mmSig Sauer P220 Elite 10mm AutoLong barrel & sight radius. Accessory rail and durable build.4VIEW CURRENT PRICE
g20 gen 4 glock 10mmGlock G20 Generation 4Inexpensive & Lightweight. Concealable with high-capacity magazine.5VIEW CURRENT PRICE

Some Info on This Caliber

Designed by Colonel Jeff Cooper, a marine, founder of the Gunsite training facility and father of the “Modern Technique” – a style of pistol training, the 10mm is one of his most notable contributions to the firearms industry.

The result of his idea to improve the .45 ACP cartridge is a powerful caliber that’s able to reach 1,200 feet per second and maintain accuracy above 50 yards.

Back in the 80s, it is one of the most popular cartridges available on the market before the FBI revealed the enhanced .40 S&W, which was supposed to be a shortened version of the 10mm.

Even though the well-rounded ammo still has a large following even today and its popularity grows every day. So, whether you want to purchase your first 10mm handgun or just want to add something new to your collection, you won’t make a mistake with this caliber.

Basics of the 10mm Auto

Once you learn how to shoot properly, you will see how powerful this caliber can be. It is even better as a self-defense round than the .40 S&W and the 9mm.

Due to the larger weight, the 10mm bullets show better ballistic results. Most rounds have 180 to 200-grain bullets with 1,150 to 1,250 fps at the muzzle.

Unlike the above-mentioned calibers, the 10mm has a considerable recoil, so you must learn how to shoot well with it to make the most out of the caliber. Plus, most guns made for it, are heavier than other semi-autos.

The renaissance of the 10mm Auto began several years ago when a couple of manufacturers adopted the caliber and its popularity surged once again.

Even though the recoil and weight are a disadvantage, the fact that they are more powerful and faster than its competitors is what made people rediscover what a hidden gem it might be.

Now, there’s plenty of choice on the market, but there are few specific models that we do recommend.

Best 10mm Pistols Reviews

#1 Glock G40 Generation 4

Glock 40 gen 4


Glock is one of the most notorious brand names in the world’s gun industry. Police forces around the world use them on a daily basis because of their unique quality and ease of use.

Glock’s G40 is their fourth generation that comes with significant improvements. It is suitable for both sports shooters and hunters alike. Due to the fact that it integrates a 6-inch barrel that fires 10mm, you can rest assured that it will easily take down a large boar or deer.

In the United States, some requirements have barrel length requirements for hunting and Generation 4 meets all standards.

The G40 features a polymer-based frame for weight reduction. The slide of the gun has a nitride coating for extra durability and the front sight is fixed, while the rear one features a Modular Optic System.

This is a cut-out at the rear end of the gun that allows you to fit all types of sights. In case you don’t want to have an optic, you can integrate an adjustable iron sight.

As part of the company’s fourth-generation pistols, there’s a variety of customizations offered. The magazine catch is ambidextrous, while the grip backstrap comes in different sizes to fit your palms perfectly.

Moreover, the gun features a dual recoil spring system that reduces it greatly for better accuracy. It is a great option, because of the significant recoil provided by the 10mm caliber.

Firing occurs using a striker, because of Glock’s standard trigger safety. With your purchase, you will receive three magazines that hold up to 10 rounds each.

  • Up to 10 rounds in each magazine
  • Weighs less than two pounds unloaded
  • Can integrate both optics & sights
  • 6” barrel for high bullet velocity
  • Too long – almost 10-inches


#2: Colt Delta Elite

colt delta elite


One of the earliest adopters of this caliber was Colt. The company’s behind the first 10mm handgun manufactured in the United States. The Delta Elite is even better today than it was at the time of its first production.

It’s a 1911-style single-action handgun with a 5” long barrel and a skeletonized hammer. You can either cock the hammer or rack the slide when ready to shoot.

To prevent accidental discharges, you have a manual safety and a beavertail grip safety. The trigger can’t be pulled unless the grip safety is held down, which ensures the gun won’t fire unless you wish it to.

You can enjoy the fixed Novak Iron sights with white dots, suitable for quick aim in low-light scenarios. As we’ve already mentioned, the gun features a wonderful skeletonized blade trigger.

Furthermore, there’s a lot of customization options available, in case you wish to upgrade on the stock. With your purchase, you will receive two 8-round magazines as well.

  • Novak Iron Sights
  • First U.S 10mm Pistol
  • 1911 design & comfort
  • Easily customizable
  • Only 8-round bullet capacity
  • Unloaded weights over two pounds


#3: Dan Wesson RZ-10

dan wesson razorback 10mm


The RZ-10 is Dan Wesson’s 10mm version of their 1911 handgun. Common to most 1911, you will enjoy a blade trigger, skeletonized hammer, and beavertail grip safety.

Similar to the Delta Elite, the RZ is also single-actioned, with a 5” barrel and serrations on the slide. However, the company has used a different manufacturing process to improve the overall quality of their model.

The frame is forged and offers an undercut trigger guard, allowing you to have a proper grip and reduce the recoil effect. For improved accuracy, the manufacturers have added a match-grade ramped barrel.

All edges of the gun have been softened and the flat parts of the frame and slide have been polished. To increase the magazine’s capacity, the frame has been elongated and it allows for up to 9 rounds.

The sights are fixed, low-profile, and non-adjustable so that you can easily draw the gun out of your holster. The top of the slide is serrated to reduce glare during sunny shooting sessions.

  • 1911 design
  • Clark-style serrated slide
  • High-quality construction
  • Weighs over two pounds
  • Comes with a single magazine


#4: Sig Sauer P220 Elite 10mm Auto

Sig Sauer P220 Elite 10mm


Used by militaries around the world, such as Switzerland, the Sig Sauer P220 Elite 10mm Auto version is suitable for both self-defense and hunting purposes.

The P220 Elite features a 5.8” barrel for increased velocity and sight radius. It features rugged construction with a strong frame and G-10 grips for extra comfort.

The rear sight is easily adjustable, while the front one is fixed. The external hammer can be de-cocked using a de-cocking lever, which adds for additional safety of the gun.

The manufacturers have integrated a “Four Point Safety System”, which includes:

  • De-cocker allows you to lower the hammer even when the chamber has a bullet.
  • A safety notch prevents the hammer from hitting the firing pin
  • A safety option keeps the pin in place until the trigger is pulled
  • A trigger bar disconnector stops the pin from hitting the primer while racking the slide.

Moreover, there’s an accessory rail, in front of the trigger guard, which allows for the integration of a laser or a light. Due to the fact that it is a hunter’s model, the handgun comes in a camo finish to blend easily into forests.

The magazine holds up to eight rounds and one additional in the chamber.

  • Long sight radius
  • Durable construction
  • Reliable performance
  • Accessory Rail
  • Weighs two and a half pounds unloaded
  • Low capacity magazine


#5: Glock G20 Generation 4

g20 gen 4 glock 10mm


The first 10mm caliber gun introduced by Glock was the G20. It works on the same platform as the G40, but it has some important differentiations.

First of all, the G20 features a 4.6” barrel and overall length of 8.03”, which makes it significantly smaller than the G40. Because of the polymer-frame, the gun weighs less than two pounds.

Both front and rear sights are fixed in place, but you can mill the side if you wish to add a red dot sight. The trigger of the gun is 5.5lbs and offers an integrated trigger safety and magazine ejection button.

The manufacturers have implemented other fourth-generation enhancements such as the double recoil spring system and various grip options.

Maybe the greatest benefit is the 15-round magazine, which makes the G20 perfect choice for hunting, competitions, and self-defense purposes.

  • 15-round capacity
  • Lightweight & Comfortable
  • Inexpensive
  • Customizable Grip
  • Iron sights are fixed



When it comes to bullet capacity and shooting power, the 10mm Auto is one of the best options you have. We highly recommend it to hunters and individuals who wish to compete with the best.

We hope that our guide on 10mm covers enough that you get an insight into what it has to offer. Now that you’ve got the basics, choose a handgun that will suit your needs and cover all your personal preferences.

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