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Our main goal is to become your number one trusted source of gun information through tailored content that brings value to the table. Whether it is about pistols, rifles or other advanced weaponry, we’ve got all trends covered.

What to expect from us?

Nobody is born educated and we believe that each one of us has the right to learn what he’s interested in. That’s why we’ve prepared a series of quality firearm guides for beginners.

As you might know, there are thousands of guns to pick from and the options are limitless. In case you don’t have time to go over each one by yourself, then you can enjoy the picks of our editors.

Once you pick a gun, you will need to learn how to handle, maintain and store the weapon. For the purpose, our team has created thorough “how-to” articles with practical tips.

Last but not at least, we would like to note that the information we share is given after in-depth research. However, we do not pretend to be experts in the gun area, but rather enthusiasts like yourself.

Way of work

The products we review are mostly purchased by our personal funds. Sometimes, we receive products from manufacturers for an honest review from our side.

Each product is tested and reviewed by our team before we share our unbiased opinion – no matter whether it is good or bad. When a product is sent for a review by a company, we always disclose it in the article.

Testing guns is an enjoyable experience, but sharing knowledge with the public is a serious matter. We believe that each one of you should have the opportunity to read honest and valuable content.

For this matter, we never hide whether a weapon has downsides and neither we have the idea to harm a company’s reputation. Our only mission is to show both sides of the coin. If we like a product, we’ll say so and if we don’t – we will tell you why.


As we said, we will disclose our relationship with manufacturers, if there is any. In the disclosure, we will note how we obtained the item, whether we have any financial interests with the company and etc.

All information written on our website is free for our readers and you will have unlimited access. If you appreciate our work, you can always contact us and share your opinion with our team.